5 Facts About Life Before Electricity

With the focus shifting from fossil fuels to more sustainable and renewable energies, the time has come when everyone must read about solar energy especially read more about solar lighting. Utilizing solar energy in lighting is far the easiest and most cost-effective solution to those wanting to reduce their electricity bills. It is probably time to know more about how life was before electricity.

  1. The invention of electricity meant people could work longer hours and see in the dark; in those days they fire was the only source of light at nights.
  2. Yes, our ancestors lived without electricity and other amenities that we take for granted today. In the days gone , there were no electrical stoves, people used wood stoves to cook. Those days there were no restrictions and people could collect firewood from the neighboring forests and use it for heating and cooking.
  3. There were no electrical pumps to propel water from large water tanks to your kitchen taps and the bathrooms. Individuals in those days used the running streams and artisan wells for their water needs. They hauled water from the streams to their individual houses and stored them in large pots and They did not know the luxury of running water. They just used a washtub in the yard or any other room of the house for bathing.
  4. Hair dryers which are ubiquitous in every household today were not needed those days as young and old air dried their hair or used a towel. They used rollers and pin curls for styling their hair.
  5. Today one cannot imagine living without the refrigerator but in those days, they used to store all perishable food products like milk and vegetables in root cellars which were cool and dark.
  6. Finally, in those days’ electronics did not ransack lives. Those days people congregated at one place and feasted, danced and made merry. They basically interacted with humans and not inanimate gadgets.

Life was much simpler without electricity and people had healthier lifestyles and were certainly happier.