Benefits of Educational Toys for Toddlers

Learning is such an important stage of every child’s development according to researchers today and even though allowing babies with all the time in the world to play is ideal and healthy for both the ba and the family, it is also at this point or at this stage that babies learn to figure out who they really are. While a ba is growing, his mind is growing too just taking a look at the environment and other factors surrounding it.

Playing with educational toys is such a welcomed idea as there are countless benefits that comes with it. It is only through playing with these toys that toddlers can actually learn how to develop certain skills which would be useful all through their lifetime and if as a parent you don’t know the value or importance attached to playing with educational toys then that is a huge loss for you.

Even at just a month old, kids can benefit immensely from playing with educational toys and below, you would find out some key benefits every child stands to gain just playing with educational toys.

  • Developing a high and positive self-esteem
  • Learning to be independent
  • Developing of gross and motor skills
  • Working on their imagination as well as their creativity
  • Developing the attitude of playing with other and this simply means learning how to interact which could be with other kids or even with family members
  • Learning how to share
  • Learning how to resolve conflict
  • Identifying the cause and effect of problems as well as figuring out a way to deal with these problems, you can see more at this website

Educational toys aren’t just to be played with for fun as they would bring something new to the table which would help a ba grow and develop. They are just another teaching process for every child so in order to help them explore their room of creativity and imagination as well as preparing them for life, get that kid an educational toy today.…

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Top 5 Values You Should Teach Your Child Age Five

Just as important it is to teach toddlers about hygiene and manners it is equally important to teach them the core values of life. What children learn in their formative years stays with them for the rest of their lives. As parents, the onus is on us to impart the right values to our children before they step out into the big bad world.

Here are five core values that every child must know.

  1. Honesty: While it is really easy to lie and get away, you must encourage your child to always speak the truth. They must be made to understand that lies will have consequences which are not nice.
  2. Fair play: It is natural for kids to get angry and jealous with their playmates and often destroy a favorite toy or a sand castle in a fit of rage. As parents, it is your duty to help them identify the emotion and make amends. It is up to you to teach them to be fair; teach them that if they are unfair they must make amends and behave proactively in future.
  3. Will Power: Teach children determination. Instead of praising them excessively for any initiative they take, give them an honest feedback in a kind and supportive manner and encourage them to do better next time. Children like to be praised and they will learn to push themselves to do better with the right support and feedback.
  4. Gratitude: Teach your little ones the importance of being grateful for all things good in their life. They must understand that a mere thank you is not enough; it must be genuinely felt for a more satisfying feeling within.
  5. Love always: Love your child not only in your actions but also says it often. A child who is well loved will share the same love with all its surroundings and people around.

Children learn seeing us, hence be the role model of the values you want your child to emulate. For products related to children of all age groups don’t forget to look up doodlebuckets.…

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