So monetarisierst du deine Videos

Youtube channel is the best way to make smart money from the ease of your home and this can be simple when you understand the technicalities which are accompanied along with it. Making a youtube channel famous depends upon how you design it, and what you follow unique when compared to the many on youtube you will be eligible to make money.

Check out the blogs on to know the methods to monetize your channel. Here are a few quick steps as excerpts from the blogs for enabling monetization for a youtube channel.

  1. Log in to your youtube channel with required credentials.
  2. In the settings tab of your channel enable monetization option.
  3. Follow the steps next to accept the youtube monetization agreement.
  4. In your uploads tab, you can find the green dollar symbol for the videos that can be monetized and the ones which require copyrights are not eligible for the same.
  5. Next step is to create an Adsense to your account and verify this.

Thus, this is the quick way to monetize your channel and get paid. Also, there are some requirements to be eligible for monetizing. Let us haveĀ  a look at these so that we are completely eligible for making our channel the best way to earn money:

  • Your content is advertiser-friendly as per norms
  • The content is originally your own ad you have commercially created it.
  • You have all the proof of documentation that you own the audio and video content from your channel.
  • Check if you comply with the policies and agreements pertaining to youtube because youtube can directly disable the monetization feature when the agreement is not followed.
  • Check for proper Adsense for your account.

When all this is done, then you can be sure of making your youtube channel as a means of making money.

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