How to Prepare Your Child for School: Top 10 Tips for Parents

Whether you are buying educational toys for 3-year-olds or prepping them for school, you need to work hard and present your case in a convincing manner to your toddler. The first day of school can be a traumatic experience for parents and children as they experience separation pangs. But parents can make the entire experience pleasant and happy if they prepare the child for school.

The process starts several days and maybe even months before the actual day. Parents and grandparents can share a lot of positive things about the school and build a positive image in the child’s mind. You can show the child the images from the school website of children having fun and learning new things.

A typical day at school must be described in advance so that the child knows what to expect; they should be told about school rules and why they should follow the rules. They should be told about recess and lunch break and how to take care of their things.

The children must be also be taught to wear their uniform, button them up and wear their shoelaces. Some kids learn fast while others can be reluctant learners; the onus is on the parents to remain patient and teach things innovatively.

Your child must know that once the school ends they can come back to the comfort of their house because sometimes kids feel they can never go back and end up being clingy. Receive your child with a warm smile and a favorite snack. Let the child look forward to going to school.

Schools, normally have orientation programs for parents; take time to attend them as they will cover a vast range of topics that you might encounter with a child going to school for the first time. Encourage your child to talk to you about his fears and hopes. As a parent, you can clear all the doubts and ensure the child builds a happy picture of the school.