The Guide: How To Dress For Your Body Type

To begin with, understand the different body types that are commonly spoken about. You and your friend, both with similar height and weight might not necessarily have similar body types as well. The body types are classified on the basis of the weight distribution and the hip, waist and bust circumference. Apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle and inverted triangle are the most common body types.

Choose the right belts

Belts should be worn either below or above the waistline depending on the natural definition of the waist. To give a better definition, especially for those with rectangle body type, choosing dresses with a prominent waistline and adding a belt would do the trick.

Complement with a jacket

The length of the jacket also plays a role in slimming down your bust and defining the waist. For those with apple-shaped body type choosing printed jackets can be a good option.

Neckline difference

Plunging necklines can make you draw attention to the upper portion of the outfit. It can also make your look slightly taller than yourself. Deeper v-necklines work especially well for those with broad shoulders or an inverted triangle body type.

The other details of your outfit that should be matched with the body type include-

  • The patterns – vertical lines make you look slimmer and taller while horizontal ones have the reverse effect.
  • Darker colors are known to have a slimming effect.
  • Ruffles can be added to those areas where you might wish to add a little weight. For example, rectangle body types would benefit from adding ruffles to the skirt or choosing flared skirt to create a difference between the upper and lower portion of the outfit.

For inspiration on the right accessories to pick for your outfit, visit LuxTime website. After all, once you have chosen the right clothes for your body type, you would also need appropriate accessories to complement them.